Electrical Design Planning

From the first blueprint to the last, Ambiance works in conjunction with the owner, the architect, the builder, and the electrical contractor to create the perfect electrical plan for your project. Keeping an open line of communication has always been a key ingredient to keeping any project running smoothly. Ambiance manages the electrical design of your project making sure that all people involved are on the same page, and on track. This helps to eliminate any mistakes, and make sure there are no "surprises" during the design process.

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Our Schedule page is very detailed and will allow us to estimate all of the materials required to execute our lighting plan. It is very important to do this early in the design process well before electrical rough-in begins. This gives the client the opportunity to adjust the lighting materials based on budget. This is also critical in getting an accurate electrical proposal from the electrician. It is much less expensive to change the information on paper that to do it in the field.

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Power and Controls

The 2.0 series sheets represent the Power and controls pages. This shows where all of the power receptacles, speakers, TV, Phone and internet devices are located. It is also the sheet that shows all of the control keypads, touch screens and specialty type equipment. This keeps the page that shows the lighting much easier to read and understand.

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Lighting Pages

The 3.0 series sheets represent the lighting pages. On this sheet each item is given a tag number that co-ordinates to the lighting schedule. All light fixtures are given location dimensions, and are coordinated with sprinklers, speakers, beams and decorative lighting. This is also the page that shows switching or load numbers. During electrical walk though meetings all of these pages are updated to give the client final as built drawings.