Automation Options

Ambiance has years of experience and knowledge of the lighting industry, from decorative lighting, to performance lighting and newest LED technology, we can help guide you to the correct products, what ever your application. This allows Ambiance to provide you with a convenient local business to meet all of your lighting needs.

Ambiance can provide complete home automation for any situation. Whether it be new construction, older home with conventional switching, or just simply a remodel, we have systems designed to work in any circumstance. With a Vantage automation system, anything is possible. Lighting, Audio, Thermostats, Water systems.... etc. Vantage gives a home owner, or business owner, the freedom to control any aspect of their home or business, by the touch of a button. Fully customizable in home programming, and I-pad, or android apps to allow the user/users to control the system wirelessly inside, or outside the structure where the Vantage system is installed. Complete wireless, untethered freedom, and control. The possibilities are endless!